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Customer Experience at RBX, Inc.

RBX Inc. is proud to have an established, experienced structure for unrivaled customer service in transportation and logistics as an American trucking company. We are dedicated to advanced technology, real-time tracking data, personal customer service, and traditional values that honor our obligations to customers and drivers. If at any point in your time here today, you want to speak to a real person, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The RBX, Inc. EDI System

At RBX, Inc. we’ve built our business on the cutting edge of the industry, and we have the knowledge to back it up. We offer a dynamic Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) platform for our customers, making it easy to manage shipping service orders and access real-time answers about the location and status of your shipments. With one online dashboard, you can get logistics data and make informed decisions — all on the RBX, Inc. EDI system.

If expertise is what you require, RBX Inc. is where you start. Today’s market requires quick and efficient transmission of data and information. RBX is on the cutting edge of this technology, and we have the knowledge to back it up. We currently book, track and bill 60% of our business via EDI / Internet connections.

Load Coordinators

Our Load Coordination Team has the capability to schedule the pickups and deliveries of your products every day, seven days a week, by tracking shipments regionally.

Simply call  1-800-233-1952. You’re routed to the right staff based on your area code. The staffer you talk to will have access to information about your shipment, including the location and estimated time of arrival.

Qualcomm’s high-tech, world-class tracking system provides hourly updates on your products. Feel free to access the system yourself to track the shipment or call us at any time for more details.

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A Sales Team on Your Team

The RBX, Inc. Sales Team can provide a targeted strategy for your business and guarantee deliverables down to every detail. Our sales team offers world-class customer service. We promise to do the following when you partner with us:
  • Listen to your needs.
  • Develop a logistics strategy.
  • Produce data-driven results.
  • Represent your company professionally.
Call one of us below to start the conversation today at 1-800-245-1952.

Logistics You Can Count On

At RBX, Inc. we understand knowledge has value that cashes out in many ways for your company. And we understand certainty is just as important as efficiency. The proper management of these values can lead to success.

Our logistics department is an extension of our RBX, Inc. #1 SERVICE. We utilize our resources to meet the needs of your company and the customers you serve. Our goal is to take care of every logistics need you have from a single phone number: 1-800-233-1952.

Contact RBX

The RBX Inc. team is always available to get the job done. Let us prove our reputation for service. Contact our team today.

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